Arica Nativa Wawa invites children to participate and create films on their own that will save the planet. How? Arica Nativa makes it easy. Through hands-on workshops in which children from 7 to 14 years old from different schools of Arica city and rural communes in the region actively participate.  In 2017, this category received more than 50 films in competition and more than 1,500 children from public, subsidized and rural schools attended the presentation in the Pedro Ariel Olea Municipal Theater. A unique opportunity that provides them with the voice to express themselves and create freely. Entries: contacto@aricanativa.cl


A young generation which is more participatory, creative and with an incredible management of the many tools that are available, in this case, cell phones as instruments that allow them to record and create short films. Children have shown their concern about world contingency topics such as lack and pollution of natural resources, as well as school bullying or universal topics such as friendship.  An ideal opportunity to germinate the seed that “will save the planet.”

This adventure started in the Artistic High School with students from the theater workshop, who showed great interest in carrying out a short fiction film that addresses friendship as its main theme. They say they’ll make a video… We know they’ll make it!

The second workshop took place in Manuel Rodríguez School. About twenty students participated this time creating stories that focus on topics they are concerned or worried about, such as pollution and school bullying. Very good!

The next workshop was carried out in General Baquedano School and was attended by 17 children ready to surprise the world with their creations. Their stories address themes such as friendship, school bullying, the environment, and a major alien menace. Very creative!

In Hispano School, 14 students created two stories: the first one was about school bullying and the other one about the environment. They even had time to record the first scenes!

There were 6 folks from América School who participated and created a photographic record of the timeline of their story. You can do it!

In Jorge Alessandri School, more than 40 children attended the workshop in order to learn and create. We formed some work groups which mainly focused on the pollution as the topic of their stories. That’s teamwork!

A second group of enthusiastic drama students from Artistic High School worked until their story shaped into a narrative that addresses plastic pollution: “What would Earth be like without plastic?” We’ll have to wait to see the film to know the answer!

The next workshop took place in República de Israel School. Here, students from the Science Club created their own story, which showed great interest in the effects of global warming and how it affects the different animal species into extinction. We hope they continue making friends!

The Molinos School participated with two groups, which showed special interest in the pollution from two different perspectives: one group focused on the effects of the establishment of industries, and the other focused on the management of natural resources such as water.  These children raise their voices from the rural world!