Arica Nativa News

“When you want, you can” is the proposal that School of Native Films makes this year. The school has a quota of 25 students between 15 and 25 years old, and older than 45 years old. A unique opportunity with international teachers that will share knowledge and experiences during the week from October 27th to November 3rd ending with masterful sessions that will be presented during the International Native Film Festival between November 5th and 11th.

“Nowadays, the School of Native Films renews its focus on the new generations, on students who are beginning their creative ride and elderly people who need to find it back,” explains Cristian Heinsen, director of Arica Nativa Festival, since his first year in 2006. “The School of Native Films is devoted to discovering new filmmakers among young students and leaders of communities in Arica and Parinacota, Peru, and Bolivia”, he adds.

The School will be under the direction of the filmmaker Arturo Sinclair, “an audiovisual expert who came to us as a gift to awaken the new generations in Arica and Parinacota”, highlights Cristian Heinsen. He will be in charge of waking up the audiovisual creativity, exercising the audiovisual art, and sharing the audiovisual work along with the selected people.

The classes of the School, in charge of the filmmaker Arturo Sinclair, include all the creative processes of a film: script, image, music, sound, light, illumination, photography, filming plan, staging, special effects, post-production, and distribution. “The classes begin with the technical basis of cinema, to achieve the expertise in the field that allows focussing on the content through a holistic learning”, says the director, Arturo Sinclair. The School is also complemented with free masterful sessions open to the community, which will take place, in the context of the Festival, in Casa de la Respuesta (Bolognesi) and will be in charge of professionals of long trajectory. Special guests of the Audiovisual Market of the Arica Nativa Festival, such the Canadian pioneer of indigenous art Yves Sioui, the Guatemalan visual anthropologist Isabel Messina, the Catalan director Meritxell Colell, who is preparing a production to film in Arica and Parinacota, the co-director of the 12° Film Exhibition + Indigenous Video, Alicia Herrera, and Macarena López, Chilean executive producer and editor, and head of the program of Cinema and Television at University of Chile.

The outstanding thing about the School will be the use of audiovisual as a “tool to preserve the natural and cultural treasures, to reinforce their identity, to communicate, to grow and to develop integrally, so the planet can be the place where we love to live in”, adds  Arturo Sinclair.