Visual artist, weaver, narrator of the oral tradition and poetess from Ayllu Qaqachaka (Oruro). She speaks Aymara and Quechua. Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in La Paz, with experience in fashion design and use of multimedia. Current director of the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore of La Paz (MUSEF).

This year she receives the Prize Great Tropera Arica Nativa 2018 due to her great work in the protection of ancestral knowledge and her generous spirit for sharing them with joy. She will participate as a jury member for the Jallalla category (native films). The verses “qhana qhanay” are extracted from her tribute to her grandmother Gregoria Mamani Sirqi, Canto a los alientos andinos, which give meaning to this year’s edition: Conservation of the Light…

Phaxsi sami qhana qhana qhana qhanay
Amtayarachh sami qhana qhana qhanay


“Breath of the moon
Breath of knowledge”


Andreas Klein, Germany

Andreas studied Iberian Romanesque Philology and History and after graduating he joined the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. He has lived in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Riga, and Hamburg and in 2016 he started to work as the manager of the office in Santiago of Chile. Andreas is a member of the jury for the Jallalla category in this year’s edition.

Viviana Saavedra, Bolivia

General manager of Producen Bolivia, film and television producer, and current director of Bolivia Lab. She has been a jury member of festivals in Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, and counselor of the Department of Culture. In this edition, she will share her expertise during masterful sessions within the Audiovisual Market.

Daniel Moya, Bolivia

MA in Documentary Filmmaking at the University of Cinema (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He studied lighting and camera, montage and film structure at Pulso Film Production Company. Daniel has been a jury member in different film competitions, emphasizing international selection for the Ibero-American film project laboratory Bolivia Lab.

Rodrigo Quiroga, Bolivia

BA in Economics, manager, and photographer of Tres Tribis Cine, a production company for cinema and television. Executive producer of Amalia de Gallardo-winning 2015 short film Aguita de Mar, and legal representative and executive producer of Bolivia Lab.

Agar Burgos, Bolivia

BA in Communication and Journalism, producer and audiovisual location scout. Agar is a permanent member of the Bolivia Lab Collaborative Network and works as the producer of the Project Development Laboratory. She has participated as a member of the official competition jury of the Amalia de Gallardo Awards 2018.

Michael Maldonado, Bolivia

Michael is a filmmaker with studies in conservation, anthropology, and cinema. Member of the project Rescate de la lenguas originarias de la producción de materiales audiovisuals, de los mitos, relatos o leyendas de las 36 etnias de Bolivia — an experience-model in Latin America. He will conduct special sessions about celumetraje (films made with a cell phone) for students in the region.

Gabriel Portugal, Bolivia

Gabriel graduated from the Higher University of San Andrés with a degree in Anthropology. His thesis is about corporeality, inter-corporeality, agency, and power in the Fiesta Patronal de “San Salvador” (patron saint festival) in Jesús de Machaca. He has participated in international and Latin American congresses as an expositor.

Anselmo Beltrán, Bolivia

He is a graduate of the Film School La Fábrica (Cochabamba, Bolivia), film editor and Foley artist. He has worked in different national films and is a member of the children’s film workshop. PURGAVISUAL. He is a member of the jury for the Arica Nativa Wawa category.

Sergio Mariaca, Bolivia

Sergio is an expert in 3D animation and special effects. He created and founded the Anima Studio Production Company and is in charge of organizing International Visual Effects Workshops. Sergio also teaches at the School of Native Films Arica Nativa 2018.

Fernando Rodríguez, Bolivia

Fernando is an expert in information systems and has a MA degree in Usability Engineering and completed his higher education in Lima, Peru. He is also an expert in post-production and visual effects for film and digital video. Fernando teaches at the School of Native Films Arica Nativa 2018.

Yves Sioui, Huron- Wendat – Canada

Huron actor, dramatist, and theater director. He is the pioneer of the aboriginal theater in Quebec and has given birth to the productions of the Ondinnok Theatre, which are dedicated to the Canadian and American ancestral cultures. Great Tropero of Arica Nativa 2017. The film shoot of his new production will take place in the region.

Catherine Joncas, Canada

Actress, author, and director graduated from the Conservatoire d’Art dramatique in Quebec. She is one of the co-founders of the Ondinnok Theatre. Since 1996, she has worked as the administrative director of the company in order to ensure the viability of different activities.

Jamie L. Whitecrow, Canada

Jamie is the project coordinator of the ImagineNative International Festival (Canada). She is in charge of the project planning, investigation, and logistics. She also spread, facilitate and support the work of participants and artists. Representative of the ImagineNative Festival — a festival with a long history in the international indigenous film.

Carmen Brito, Chile

Carmen is a restorer, editor, and filmmaker of the Chilean cinema, recognized for her work in the patrimonial recovery of the national cinema. Her first feature film — Buscando Isla de Pascua, la película perdida — will be presented at the festival. Also, a masterful session will be conducted by her based on her long experience.

Alicia Herrera, Chile

Audiovisual communicator and cultural manager. Coordinator of the Film School of the Mayor University. Former director of the Catholic University movie theater and director of the UC Film Festival for 10 years. Co-director of the Film Exhibition + Indigenous Video, which will be shown at the festival launch in the Andean town of Tacora. Also, she is part of the jury for the Jallalla category.

Macarena López, Chile

Macarena is a Chilean executive producer and editor. Head of the Film and Television program in the Institute of the Communication and Image of the University of Chile. She has extensive experience in film production, audiovisual project development, and cultural affairs. Macarena is part of the Audiovisual Market and part of the jury for the Rural Feature Films category.

Juanita Ringeling, Chile

Juanita studied acting at the Catholic University of Chile and is recognized for her outstanding participation in film and television productions such as Patagonia de los sueños, Bim Bam Bum, and soap operas such as Soltera otra vez. She also hosted Carnaval, el mundo está de fiesta (TV program), and is the official presenter at Arica Nativa 2018.

Marcos de Aguirre, Chile

Marcos is a sound engineer (since 1978) who works with film crews from Germany, Spain, Finland, and the United States. He is in charge of the first post-production studio at Filmocentro Sonido and is the chief executive of FILMOSONIDO. He will be a member of the jury for the Rural Short Films category in Arica Nativa.

Amaro Gómez-Pablos, Chile – Spain

Journalist with extensive experience who worked at CNN en Español. He has interviewed important figures such as Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Dalai Lama. His journalistic reports cover at least 30 countries. He received the Periodismo por Excelencia award in 2013 by Alberto Hurtado University. Special guest and collaborator of Relaves Foundation.

Ana Josefa Silva, Chile

Critic, film journalist, and film graduate from the Catholic University. Chilean representative at Encuentro de Críticos Latinoamericanos at Guadalajara Film Festival. She received the APES award (Association of Entertainment Journalists) for Professional Excellence. President of the Circle of Art Critics of Chile. Member of the jury for the Filmin’ Arica category.

Antonia Anastassiou, Chile

Actress graduated from the FinisTerrae University. She studied multimedia communication at PUC and holds a diploma in Business Management, Aesthetics, and Photography. She is the art and audiovisual director of Gabriel & Mary Mustakis Foundation. Antonia has collaborated with the festival for many years and will head the jury for Arica Nativa Wawa category.

Carlos Urquieta, Chile

BA in Film, filmmaker, and graphic narrative screenwriter. Producer of Ojo de Pescado Cultural Corporation — a platform that promotes film exhibition and audiovisual creation among children and young people. Also, in this year’s edition, he will be a member of the jury for the Wawa category.

Pascuala Ilabaca, Chile

Chilean singer, songwriter, and an important exponent of the young singer-songwriters in Chile. Music with traditional roots and hints of jazz, pop, rock, and the knowledge she has acquired through her life in different places such as India and Mexico. For the first time, she will delight us with her music in the Conservation Party that will take place at Chinchorro beach.

Camila Moreno, Chile

Camila is a singer-songwriter considered the stand-out singer of the Chilean popular music.   She was nominated to the Latin Grammy in 2009 for her song Millones. Internationally recognized in Europe, Mexico, and Asia. This time she will give an intimate performance in the Andean town of Timar.

Daniel Valcarce, Chile

Scholar at the University of Tarapacá. Creator of projects such as University Film Video, Soundtrack, Film Art Arica and Film UTA. He is an active member of the Network of Rooms of National Movie Theater, Fondart regional jury member, and has been part of the jury of the Arica Nativa Festival twice. He is a member of the jury for the Rural Feature Films category in the current edition.

Fernando Rivera, Chile

Publicist with a mention in graphic and audiovisual creation. He has carried out spaces of specialization in production and cultural affairs. Producer of the Rural Film Arica Nativa Festival and co-founder of the Photographic Collective Challa Editions. Director of the Municipal Theater of Arica and producer of the AricaJazz Festival. He will be part of the jury for the Mallku category in this edition.

Nicole Bonilla, Chile

Audiovisual producer of television, video clips, and cinematography. Coordinator of the Program Chile Film Friendly in Film Commission Chile. Coordinator of International Programs, Arts Council and Audiovisual Industry. Invited to specialized table topics of the Audiovisual Market.

Daniela Espinoza, Chile

Treasurer of the National Trade Union Inter-enterprise of Professionals and Technicians of Film and Audiovisual (SINTECI). Invited to specialized table topics of the Audiovisual Market.

The Wayna Payachatas, Chile

Descendants of the extinct group The Payachatas. Musicians from different parts of the foothills and mountain range of the province of Parinacota. This original group was founded in 1975 and regrouped as Wayna Payachatas, which means young payachatas, who rescue traditional and ancestral music. They will present their first album named Así es mi tierra at Chinchorro beach.

Aluna Tambó, Chile

A group of women who rescue and spread traditions of African root through the Mandingue culture and afro ariqueño tumbe. Since 2014 they have changed the paradigm that the execution of the drums is exclusively masculine, invading and renewing with a defined feminine essence their musical and theatrical performance.

Eingell Baltra, Chile

Songwriter and singer from Arica, whose melodies have folkloric influence and Latin American fusion. Her musical career began when she was 15 with the creation of the music for the Arts Center El Tren and later for the artistic and cultural group La Rueca. She will perform at the Conservation Party at Chinchorro beach, where young people and children can attend.

Jhon Saavedra, Colombia

Audiovisual filmmaker, teacher in the public institution of training for work – SENA. Currently, he coordinates the film area in SENA in Villeta, Cundinamarca. He is an audiovisual producer and strong activist of Recursive Film.

Ivonne Campoverde, Ecuador

Environmental engineer of the Central University of Ecuador; her second passion is film; she has worked as a producer and field executive in different audiovisual projects, which address environmental topics.

Xavier Chávez, Ecuador

Director of Perros Obesos Production Company. He was chief of image in Ecuador TV. He has participated as a director of photography in different audiovisual projects, among them Lía; Mai, el gran cazador; El tren que anuncia mi muerte; Un bosque para vivir. Currently, he is developing his first fiction feature film named Maldito seas.

Meritxell Colell, Spain

Catalan director of an outstanding career. His first feature film — Con el Viento — premiered in Berlinale 2018 is competing in Arica Nativa 2018. He is preparing a new production to film in Arica and Parinacota, besides, he will be a member of the jury for the Rural Short Films category of Arica Nativa and will conduct a masterful session in the Audiovisual Market.

Diego de los Santos, España

Doctor en Ecología de la Conservación, Máster en Dirección de Cine por la Universidad de Sevilla. Tras dos años en Bruselas, en la Comisión Europea, inició su trayectoria audiovisual como guionista para la Fundación Focus Abengoa. Autor del guión documental Doñana, memoria de un paisaje, para la TV regional Canal Sur, actualmente trabaja en un proyecto documental sobre la historia política de Andalucía.

Shaandiin Tome, United States

Filmmaker born in Albuquerque (New Mexico). Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of New Mexico with a BFA in Production of Film and Digital Media. Former student of the Sundance Full Circle Fellowship 2016. Part of the jury for the Filmin’ Arica category, whose short film Mud is competing in the Rural Short Films category of Arica Nativa.

Isabel Messina, Guatemala

Guatemalan sociologist and visual anthropologist with interest in the study of the social life of the images and the representation modes in the documentary and ethnographic film. Currently, she is working at the Unit of Film of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. She is in charge of a masterful session during the Audiovisual Market of Arica Nativa.

Miko Meloni, Italy

Expert in the production of social documentaries and author of Indignados. Cómo nace una protesta – 2011, selected in the London International Documentary Festival 2012; Cooperativas de Apurímac, selected by the United Nations for the closing ceremony of the International Year of Cooperatives IYC and Office of Arts, carried out with GVC. He is the director of the film Raíces de Lucha (Ecuador) and is invited to the Audiovisual Market.

Arturo Sinclair, Mexico – Peru

Filmmaker, creative director and professor with more than 35 years of experience in cinematography of special effects, animatronics, robotics, motion graphics, gaming, and animation. He has 15 years of experience in academies as a professor at Ithaca College and the University of Florida. Director of the School of Native Films 2018 and part of the jury for the Rural Feature Films category.

Carlos Rivera, Nahua – Mexico

Artist of dance and indigenous Nahua Theater. Dancer, choreographer, master, director of rehearsal and actor from Mexico. He has indigenous Nahua and Mixteco origins. Currently, he is an artistic member of the Red Sky Performance, where he has the opportunity to carry out and choreograph many productions of the company.

Jean Pierre García, Mexico

Film critic and historian. He founded and directed the International Film Festival of Amiens (France), from 1980 to 2011, which shows Afro film from all over the world, standing out for his support to young directors from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Host of the Afro Exhibition and member of the jury for the Filmin’ Arica category.

César Carlevarino, Peru

Cesar is a communicator and contributes to the Film Library of the Private University of Tacna. Audiovisual producer of the National Program of Scholarships of the Ministry of Education of Peru. Audiovisual filmmaker of the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Arica Barroca and Arica Nativa Festivals.

Rowan Woods, United Kingdom

Jefa de programación de películas para Festivales del British Council y colaboradora del British Film Institute. Programadora de cine y productora, con experiencia en BBC y en festivales  internacionales. Invitada especial de British Council Chile.