It’s a festival of beautiful movies with meaning, to make the new generations fall in love with the conservation of the planet’s natural and cultural treasures.

Arica Nativa, in its version 2018, has 13 editions consolidating itself as a reference festival of the southern andean american, in the fascinating cultural landscape of Arica and Parinacota. In addition, since 2018, Arica Nativa is part of the Native section of Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival, in collaboration with ImagineNative and other festivals around the world that share the indigenous theme.

Arica Nativa is one of the main projects of the Fundación Altiplano, a not-for-profit organization that accompanies Andean rural communities as they battle to preserve their natural and cultural heritage, ensuring a happier and more sustainable world.

Arica Nativa 2017 Thanks Video

“…Phaxsi sami qhana qhana qhana qhanay

Amtayarachh sami qhana qhana qhanay…”

(Breath of the moon.  Breath of knowledge)

(Sami Kirki, Poem of the Andean Winds, by Elvira Espejo, bolivian aymara artist and researcher, Great Tropera Arica Nativa 2018)